Style Lounge - Choker Trend Alert!

Hey girls!  It's throwback Thursday everyday with the 90's choker trend back in style.  If you still have one laying around in the back of your jewellery box, you're in luck.  Otherwise, you must get your hands on one ASAP.  

Pair a basic choker necklace with your other necklaces for instant chic-ness.  This will amp up your everyday attire and especially be useful during festival season.

Or wear it alone for a clean, minimalist look.  Sleek it up for your night time outfits.

The *choker* doesn't necessarily have to be a necklace either.  Our Milla dress has a built in choker to spice up that LBD (it also comes in extra spicy red).  

If these options don't fit your budget, you can still hop on the trend by a simple shoelace DIY.

There are so many ways you can play with the choker trend!  So have fun with it.  I'm going to leave you with a fun photo of Rihanna to stir your imaginations ;)

Love, Mahostyle.

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