About Us


___________________________________________ A label with an African soul, Mahostyle is a brand that strives to celebrate the modern woman. In quest of taking her ancestral talent to the world, Matilda­ our founder, is on a journey to bring Nigerian fashion to a wider audience. As a woman of colour, Matilda always felt a lack of cultural representation in the field of fashion. Owing to this, she decided to use her skills as a designer to bridge the gap. The goal being to portray the idiosyncratic beauty of her culture, with everyday effortless yet powerful clothing for women being her canvas. Every Mahostyle piece is created keeping in mind fashion trends that will stay relevant, enabling you to create a timeless wardrobe. Inspired by the women of today, we aim to create pieces that are feminine and playful with distinct silhouettes, to help you feel like the best version of yourself. Effortless pieces that swiftly transition to suit all seasons and events, our clothes come with no rules attached. Rooted in culture yet modern in their being, each design at Mahostyle embodies an essence of Matilda’s homeland. Maintaining quality and craftsmanship yet being able to deliver her work worldwide at rates making her pieces accessible to many ­ is a dream Matilda is proud to have achieved through Mahostyle. When you shop from Mahostyle, you choose to support a brand that’s constantly working on providing better opportunities to people of colour. You also choose to support the work of African artisans, and help it reach greater heights. You also support a company that doesn’t define norms for women's fashion, but celebrates the being of every woman just the way they are.