Style Lounge - Dressing from Desk to Dinner

Welcome to Mahostyle's Style Lounge.  Our very first post is dedicated to the working woman, helping you stay chic from desk to dinner.  It's Friday, you're about to get off work and have a dinner date or drinks with the girls.  You're a busy woman and the least of your stresses should be what to wear after work, we can help you with that.

Every working woman needs a "power suit" that gives her the confidence and ambition to succeed.  The idea of a power suit doesn't need to be restricted to a traditional suit, this can come in many forms such as a jumpsuit.  

Featuring our Carmen Jumpsuit, the minimalist colour and structure make this attire work appropriate.    And even better… it has pockets!   (I'm sure you all know the struggle of faux pockets or no pockets).  It keeps you looking put together without have to put the effort into putting yourself together.


Just add some pumps and throw on a blazer to hide the slightly risqué spaghetti straps, et voila!  Look at you, boss lady!



When the clock strikes 5, you can leave the blazer aside to reveal the party in the back.

The key to elevating this outfit is accessorizing. The minimalist nature of this jumpsuit allows you to pick your favourite statement piece along with one or two accent pieces.  Here I've chosen a statement clutch, paired with our Tara Necklace.


Now you're ready for the evening!  Enjoy those after work martinis, you've deserved it!  Stay fabulous friends.


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