Style Lounge - Denim on Denim Trending

Denim has been in the fashion scene for decades, to most of us who grew up in the 80's & 90's something like this comes to mind…  (Yikes!)

Despite being highly stigmatized in the past, it's coming back with a new and glamourous vengeance, and the more the better!  It's denim on denim.  Denim has been around for so long because the shade and texture is universally flattering, especially the kind that makes our butts look great.  

We all have a trusty blue pair of jeans and a chambray shirt in our closet.  To achieve this effortlessly chic look, pair both of them with a strappy, feminine heel.  Bling it up, or keep it breezy and minimal.

If that's not for you, go for a more tailored look with fitted jeans and rolled up sleeves.  

Let's not forget those denim one-pieces.  Dresses, jumpsuits and overalls!  

As you can already see, Rihanna has been owning this trend lately…  If you're like her you can take it to the next level and double up on the bottoms.  (Oh yes she did!)

Denim is taking over the world by storm right now!  Who knew that you could update your look with staples you already have.  Go out and rock this trend, just don't catch yourself wearing denim shoes or looking like Britney Spears & Justin Timberlake back in 2001.



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