Style Lounge - Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Easy, fun, and fab.  That's the motto for all you last minute Halloweeners!  Here are some great costume ideas for you to try this weekend.

First up is your Instagram feed, this will require a little cutting and pasting.  You can then dress up as yourself or one of your friends.  If the cutting and pasting is too much for you, you can take an empty picture frame and hold it up to your face and it'll be a self portrait.


Have an old prom dress tucked away in your closet?  Blow off the dust and throw on a tiara, now you're a princess.  Throw on some fake blood and you're a killer princess. 


Lastly we give you this gangster costume.  Put on some roughed up shorts and a crop top.  Use some eyeliner to add tattoos on your body like RiRi did here.  





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