African Inspired Fashion and Its Force In The Marketplace This Year Especially Because of Black panther

African Inspired Fashion and Its Force In The Marketplace This Year Especially Because of Black panther

If you say African inspired fashion has come to stay, then you might not be far from the truth. On the 31st of January 2018 after the American president, Donald Trump made derogatory ‘’shit hole’’ comments about Africa, the Democratic Caucus responded by donning traditional African kente cloths at the State of the Union address by the president. When these pictures started circulating on the internet little did we know what was about to hit the already booming market for African inspired fashion items.

From the use of African prints to create statement fashion accessories like bangles, earrings, scarves, bags and in some cases even necklaces, there has been a growing request for African inspired fashion materials. In some parts of the world, graduating black students wear kente round their necks as a symbol of being an African (one way or the other). Celebrities, including Rihanna, have also been pictured wearing African prints at one point or the other and have in more than one way influenced some of her fans to embrace African fashion.

The release by Marvel Studios of the movie Black Panther couldn’t have come at a better time as the whole world was eager to see the movie at the cinema – the Africans scattered worldwide, in particular, were very interested in the story which portrays African culture and traditions, the movie has since gotten everyone screaming ‘Wakanda forever’.


The release of Black Panther has increased interest in African inspired fashion as people from all over the world were seen wearing various types of colourful African prints to see the movie at the cinema, this can only point to one thing, that African inspired fashion in recent times have had its force increased in the market especially via the release of Black Panther. It is believed that Black Panther made a whopping $500 million worldwide in the theatres during its first week, it is only safe to say that the demand for African inspired fashion is on the rise as well.










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