Stay home, but if you must Go out , Get a Face Mask

Stay home, but if you must Go out , Get a Face Mask

Airborne viruses have been spreading all over the world in the speed of light - and the most recent one has spread as far as Africa, North America and Europe with every single region of China had confirmed cases and death tolls rising up globally!
The WHO (World Health Organisation) has declared a global health emergency. During such a scary period, it’s important to stay careful and proactive about your health – any extra layer of protection is beneficial in order to decrease your chances of getting infected!
Common sense makes most of the world population start looking for masks, however, simple surgical masks do not protect anyone from catching or spreading a virus, and proper masks have quickly run out of stock. So what can we do if there are no masks available during the time that the virus toll is rising every minute?
When everything else seems to be out of stock, there’s still one effective solution that is available to get online from the convenience of your home with free shipping within US/CANADA and Contactless delivery/pickup option for residents within the GTA.   
 The beautiful handmade cotton mask by The M Label is Reuseable and gives you the option to have one with a filter or without a filter. They fit most adult male and female but you can specify or purchase the one just for male or kids. the male mask fits a lot bigger than the regular mask while the kids mask are made to fit a smaller face.
This dangerous new virus is not the only risk that we encounter in our daily lives. Various allergens, germs, dust, and air pollution deeply affect our health even if we don’t directly feel it. so stay home and wash your hands but if you must go out, Wear A face mask. 










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